Case Studies - Electrical

DSRL - Dounreay 11kV Ring Main Reinforcement

Contec Design Services Ltd provided project management support, design, functional testing and commissioning to Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd for the reinforcement of the Dounreay site 11kV ring main. These works required the provision of support from conceptial design to the physical installation and testing of key equipment.

Rolls Royce and Associates - Vulcan Network Analysis

Contec Design Services Ltd have recently completed a network analysis of the Rolls Royce and Associates, Vulcan Site Distribution arrangements. These works required the study of the existing site arrangements and the production of a network study and associated report to provide improved network availability.

NHS Highland - Dunbar Hospital Refurbishment

Contec Design Services Ltd provided design, technical and commissioning support to NHS Highland for the refurbishment of the Dunbar Hospital in Thurso. These works included the replacement of the main hospital switchboard, the standby generation control system and the replacment of the main building small power and lighting. Key to the completion of these works was the detailed survey of the existing hosptial services so that each stage of works could be carefully planned so that it did not inadvertantly effect critical hospital equipment.

The projects listed on this page are just an example of just some of the projects Contec Design Services Ltd have successfully delivered to our customers. If any further details are required please do not hesitate to contact us through our enquires page.